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Trinity Schools Consider Long-Term Integration of ClassIn into Classrooms
ClassIn Official
2021/10/27· 3 min read
Case Summary


Established in 1998, Trinity Schools is a private school in Uganda that offers pre-school, primary, and secondary education as well as extensive extracurricular activities. With the mission to nurture versatile and skilled individuals, Trinity Schools has grown into a leading institution in the country, attracting a diverse student body domestically and overseas. Keep reading to find out how ClassIn boosted learning effectiveness and inspired consideration for long-term adoption of technology-assisted learning.



English class at Trinity Schools using ClassIn


Key Takeaways


  1. ClassIn’s comprehensive customer service, including trainings and online consultation, helped quickly familiarize students and teachers with the online learning model.

  2. Pre-edited courseware and multimedia interactive blackboard improved class efficiency and diversified class formats.

  3. Satisfactory learning results prompted school administration to consider long-term integration of ClassIn into everyday classrooms.


“The parents can see if their children have done the test, and we have been able to provide them with reports to show how their children are performing and if they have learning challenges. Even us, as supervisors and administrators, we can look at the pre-recorded lessons to see if the lessons were conducted right and if they used all the tools available to assist teaching using ClassIn. So it’s been a very brilliant experience. We love it.”


— Areebabyona Kanyonyore, Administrator of Trinity Schools




Although teachers of Trinity Schools had received online EdTech trainings prior to the pandemic, the sudden shift to online learning was still difficult and complicated for them. In an effort to sustain basic learning needs, the school began with mailing DVDs of recorded lessons and later transitioned to the use of Zoom. However, while Zoom offered a solution to face-to-face meetings, outstanding challenges such as data consumption and the lack of interaction, homework checks, and effective communication channels remained.


  • Disruption of communication between teachers, students, and parents


  • Zoom’s large consumption of data without providing adequate teaching tools


  • Lack of proper mechanisms for feedback and improvement in learning


ClassIn Solutions


With the help of ClassIn’s trainings as well as immediate online consultation, the school’s IT department quickly mastered the operation of ClassIn. Areebabyona Kanyonyore, administrator of Trinity Schools, praised especially the interactivity of the platform. This is not only reflected in the interaction between teachers and students in the classroom but also in the access to online classrooms and past class recordings for administrators and parents.


  • Technical training and consultation at any time


  • Education-centric functions to enhance communication and interactivity

a. Learning reports and class recordings to enable check-ins by parents and administrators

b. Effective and open communication channels between parents and the school

c. Virtual trophies and activities to raise children’s interests


  • Rich teaching formats and resources

a. Pre-recorded lessons and live lessons

b. Prepare beforehand and save all class materials with EDB files

c. The option to subscribe to world-renowned educational publications



Literacy class at Trinity Schools using ClassIn




After adopting ClassIn, teachers observed that their classes became more efficient and versatile. Everything is pre-typed so they can cover more points during limited class time. They use multimedia sources as well as ClassIn-specific affordances like trophies to better engage students. Impressed with the learning results using ClassIn, the school is now actively planning for long-term integration of ClassIn into everyday learning, namely adopting the hybrid Online-Merge-Offline learning model.


  • Visible improvement of student engagement in class


  • Flexible modes of class preparation and classroom designs


  • Inspired possibilities of adopting diverse learning models, namely hybrid learning



Student getting a reward in English Class


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