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Ways to Cultivate, Foster, and Facilitate the Online Learning Process for Young Learners
ClassIn Official
2023/04/20· 1 min read

The goal of any educator should be establishing an learning environment where students feel comfortable and supported. Effective online classroom management requires implementing consistent routines while maintaining flexibility. This webinar explores analyzing student behavior and developing instructional methods for productive virtual learning atmospheres. 


It is astounding that today children as young as three can study English online with teachers worldwide, whether by choice or not. Even more astounding is that some students do this effectively, despite imperfections.  Emulating how students engage with their favorite apps, games and videos can help make virtual classrooms more engaging and impactful. Combining this approach with proven teaching methods enables lessons that optimize both engagement and outcomes. This gives students a fun yet effective online learning experience.


Scan the QR code or click the links below to watch replay.

Replay for【Part  1】

Replay for【Part  2】


Our training program benefits:

– Discover innovative, creative, and effective teaching strategies for delivering English lessons to young learners online.

– Participate in a live, instructor-led training programs designed to equip you with the knowledge and hands-on skills you need to succeed

– Gain knowledge not only from your instructor but also from your fellow educators through class activities and discussions.

– Master Classin, the most cutting-edge teaching platform, while learning powerful teaching strategies.