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Innovative ways to increase student participation and engagement
ClassIn Official
2023/04/28· 1 min read

About the Happy Teachers Talk Cast:

Classin and Happy Teachers Academy present an online roundtable interview and discussion with guest ESL teachers who demonstrate engaging, innovative, and highly effective strategies and activities for teaching young students online. This podcast will inspire and improve online teachers of all levels.



Discussion topic:

In this week’s Happy Teachers Talk, our roundtable guest teachers discussed and demonstrated effective approaches to cultivating and fostering the online learning process, as well as sharing some secrets for adapting your lesson material to the online classroom in fun and effective ways that aid the learning process.


We recommend that you watch the webinars where Brent introduces the fundamentals to get the most out of this discussion. Follow the links below:

Ways to Cultivate, Foster, and Facilitate the Online Learning Process for Young Learners

Enhancing your lessons in adaptive ways


Scan the QR code or click HERE to watch the podcast.


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• Discover creative, effective online English teaching methods for young learners.

• Attend live, instructor-led training to learn and practice the skills you need.

• Class discussions and activities will help you learn from your instructor and other educators.

• Learn powerful teaching strategies on Classin, the most advanced teaching platform.

• Develop skills to start your online teaching career or boost your online school.