Digitize Your Tutoring Business with Better Learning and Operational Outcomes
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A well-rounded learning ecosystem
Education-centric functions to support a wide range of teaching methods
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Interactive Blackboard
Break-out Rooms
Teaching Tools
Resource Center
Interactive Blackboard
Break-out Rooms
Teaching Tools
Resource Center
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The Most Powerful Virtual Classroom in the World
<300 ms latency worldwide.
20 mm concurrent online users capacity.
Up to 10,000 servers activated globally.
13-channel video conferencing.
Up to 2,000 students in one classroom.
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We’ve got you covered every step of the learning process
Open communication and quantifiable assessments in and outside the classroom
IM System
Communication between teachers and students is smoother
Assignments & Grading
Easy-to-manage homework and grading with high flexibility
Learning Reports
Insights into learning behaviors to keep track of long-term progress
Class Management
One intuitive backend system to manage all classes and personnel and view analytics
A class is not a meeting, and we know it
A complete virtual learning solution
Made for Teaching and Learning
Can Handle Virtual,Hybrid Blended Modalities
1. 22 Interactive Teaching Tools.
2. Collaborative, built-in blackboard.
3. Admin dashboard with rich data.
4. Automatic course recording and on-cloud playback.
5. 24/7 customer service and response within minutes.
Made for Corporate Meeting
Can Only Handle Virtual Modalities
1. Basic engagement suite.
2. Non-native whiteboard with often laggy experience.
3. No robust admin dashboard, scheduling is neither intuitive nor learning-centered.
4. Recorded as local file,hard to manage at large volume
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