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Tracy White has been teaching for 15 years, living in North Carolina, USA. She has a Bachelors degree from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro as well as her TEFL/TESOL certificates.




Her passion is finding new ways to teach those harder to reach students. She has 6 years of experience writing curriculum and she is also a published author of two children’s books.


To teach English online, it is essential to take up the sessions carrying updated curriculum or lesson plans, experienced teachers, and a healthy learning environment. The lessons should be designed in such a way that they cater to the needs of the advanced level learners as well as the beginners.


1. Our story | Best English Curriculum

The Best English Curriculum is designed with the core purpose of assisting ESL teachers to undertake successful online ESL classes. Here the instructors are provided with the facility to edit lesson plans according to their requirement.


No two teachers are alike in their methods and more importantly, no two students will learn the same. We believe that teaching English online always requires instructors to be skilled enough to teach the latest trends and techniques.

No two teachers are alike in their methods and more importantly, no two students will learn the same.

To ensure this, we make a continuous addition in the lessons. A team of creative and intellectual people from all over the globe work to make sure that teachers get the best lessons to make the best purchase.


2. How to create engaging online ESL classes

Engaging online ESL classes need to be very interactive and open for meaningful communication at all levels. The continuous addition of about 10 lessons every week is a great effort to ensure that the instructors get rich content to teach in every session. The key point to remember is that the availability of good content material is an important thing, but no one can deny the importance of using interactive teaching tools.


ClassIn has been well known by all my students. I had tried some other platforms but I had a lot of problems trying to help the parents figure out how to use them. So when I heard about ClassIn, I asked several of the parents and they all knew it. Once I started using ClassIn, I fell in love with it.


2.1. Keep the classes interactive


We have used ClassIn’s interactive and innovative tools to make the online classes effective.


These tools help the instructors to engage the students and motivate them to deliver more.


The interactive blackboard allow our teacher and students to communicate with one another. It provides virtual learning with the same feel as physical classes.


Similar to printable materials, we assign multiple-choice tasks with audio (for listening comprehension), text (for grammar practice) , and images (for vocabulary review), by using Selector feature in class or Task&Test feature after class.


2.2. Make students feel valued

The reward has always been a great motivator, such as compliments like “Great job!” or a simple badge. My students even double their effort when I award them a trophy.


It is simple to celebrate success at individual or group level, and I can check the trophy ranking of all the students in Award List. I also design my EDB awarding stickers.


My hobby is photography, but writing EDBs might be my new hobby. I enjoy designing my own matching and word ordering exercises. Sometimes ESL students would be bored from a long textbook, and they love having a break and doing my creative exercises.


2.3. Personalize the lesson and make it digestible

Another way to make online ESL classes engaging is to divide the lesson plan into smaller chunks so that students can digest it easily.


The lesson needs to plan in such a way that the students can retain what they learn. That is why we at Best English Curriculum design and re-design the lesson plans according to the changing needs of the students.


2.4. Invite a Furry Buddy

Try to make students learn by holding these handy toys. A furry buddy or a soft toy is another effective technique to make online ESL classes interesting . They increase social interaction, the art of imagination, and storytelling among the students.


There are a lot of really encouraging and helpful people in the Facebook group. I have seen ClassIn publicly recognize helpful teachers on social media. It’s nice to know there are many places to seek guidance or learn fun new ways to use the platform. And I’m also impressed by the constant upgrades with valuable classroom tools so I hope to see that continue.