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In this Webinar, we explored techniques to employ ”Hands-on, Minds-on” learning in the online classroom.


Effective hands-on, mind-on learning requires students to actively participate. This means not just observing in the classroom but also asking questions continuously. It is essential for students to utilize all senses, including taste and smell, to become fully immersed in the learning experience. Implementing interactive activities, tangible tools, props and equipment can significantly enhance engagement and involvement.

While providing appropriate resources in the classroom is key, research shows these tools have the greatest impact when used in ways that totally captivate students in learning, such as through games and exercises. Studies indicate these types of activities help children develop neural pathways that improve memory and retention.

In summary, hands-on learning necessitates students take action through observation, questioning, and use of multiple senses. Interactive and physical tools should facilitate total student engagement for optimal outcomes. When implemented effectively, such resources and activities have been shown to aid development of cognitive abilities that support learning and understanding.


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