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De Men Online School Thrives with Art Education
ClassIn Official
2021/11/19· 1 min read

Case Summary


De Men Online School is an independent art training unit in Vietnam that officially came into operation on March 25, 2019. During its two-year development, De Men has become a leading art center in Da Nang with modern facilities and multiple branches. Empowered by ClassIn, it is now confident to become the leading unit in Vietnam’s online art teaching. Read more to find out how De Men continued to thrive in the pandemic with growing international enrollment!




Teacher of De Men Online School conducting a piano lesson on ClassIn



Key Takeaways


  1. De Men enrolled 200 students in 3 months and expanded businesses domestically and internationally during the pandemic.

  2. ClassIn’s versatile functions cater to personalized and highly interactive fine arts education.

  3. ClassIn’s local customer service team is on call 24/7, and customer feedback are addressed shortly in software updates.


“De Men has grown rapidly in the number of students and brands thanks to the implementation of online teaching. In the past, we didn’t want to teach art online because it was an emotional subject and needed face-to-face instruction. After we found ClassIn, we found we could solve problems that we could not do with online teaching.”


Huynh Tran Huy Thinh, Founder and CEO De Men Online School




For De Men, waves of lockdowns directly led to low enrollment and difficulties with student retention. Also, because of long social distancing without a comeback plan, De Men was forced to close four branches to cut down losses. Additionally, with the backdrop of covid-induced economic difficulties, parents are reducing the budget for art education.


  • Unstable and inconsistent school operations due to covid suspensions

  • Lack of high-quality teaching resources in the central region of Vietnam

  • Inadequate family/parent funding for art education


ClassIn Solutions


Searching for teaching platforms online, De Men found that ClassIn’s powerful functions cater perfectly to art programs. Functions such as Breakout Rooms, Assist Camera, Video Gallery, Lesson Monitor, and Cloud Disk work smoothly together to support individualized fine arts education and progress tracking. Mr. Thinh, Founder and CEO of De Men, also highlighted that ClassIn responds to reported problems with immediate support followed by software updates.


1.  Versatile features for personalized art instruction and class activities


a. Breakout Rooms and Assist Camera deliver effective small-group instruction

b. Course recordings and Cloud Disk make playback fast and smooth

c. Lesson Monitor and Dashboard help with lesson reviews and management


2. 24/7 customer service from ClassIn’s local team followed by informed software updates








With the help of ClassIn, De Men had enrolled 200 students in 3 months and expanded its business to other cities and countries during the pandemic. Teachers of De Men found they were able to complete many online teaching tasks that they previously found difficult. For example, in breakout rooms, students can view the lesson plan and make notes on the blackboard for self-studying while the teachers monitor class proceedings in another room.


  1. Art lessons are conducted with diverse formats and high effectiveness

  2. Teachers feel empowered with more classroom tools and learning insights

  3. Business and enrollment expanded rapidly in and outside Vietnam



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