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It’s finally here! We are proud to present ClassIn 5.0, one of the most major updates to the EdTech platform you know and love.


ClassIn 5.0 brings together live interactive classrooms, lesson planning, formative assessment, recordings, and more to deliver your learning goals. Teachers can seamlessly integrate resources and activities in course design and monitor learning progress. Students are free to optimize personal learning paths and cultivate skills of the new age.


How can you make the most of ClassIn 5.0? Let us take a deeper dive into the update step by step!


Step 1 – Create a Unit


With long-term learning objectives in mind, teachers can use Unit to organize their classroom and plan activities accordingly.


Essentially, teachers establish a Unit and incorporate it through the course of instruction over a day, week, or even a month. As an example, a unit on algebra might include equations, inequalities, and functions.

Step 2 – Set Competency and Define Metrics

Teachers can create Competency Groups and add the relevant Competency Metrics and descriptions prior to establishing a new learning activity. ClassIn 5.0 will then generate competency assessment results after the activities.



Step 3 – Create Activities

In and outside the classroom, synchronously and asynchronously, we have a variety of functions to help teachers keep track of learning progress and evaluate learning outcomes.


Through Classroom, teachers can achieve real-time audio and visual interaction in online, offline, and hybrid settings. To further enrich classroom activities and enhance the learning experience, teachers can make use of the various tools provided by ClassIn 5.0, such as Responder, Timer, Small Blackboard, and Selector.



Resources and Recorded Courses

Be sure to list all of the Resources necessary to complete the unit. Planning ahead can help teachers avoid any last-minute rush to locate materials for activities.


Teachers can support asynchronous learning and provide more materials through Recorded Courses, encouraging stronger initiative and autonomy in learning. ClassIn 5.0 automatically tracks each student’s progress, giving teachers a full grasp of their students’ learning.



Task and Test


Greater learning objectives call for formative assessments every step of the way. ClassIn 5.0 comes with a variety of assessments, including multiple-choice tests, individual or group projects, and research papers.


In Task and Test, teachers can access a rich question bank, import questions, and publish tests to multiple classes simultaneously. Additionally, teachers can save unpublished drafts as well as check unsubmitted tasks and tests at one glance.




After class, teachers can launch Discussion activities to encourage students to think more critically and independently.


Monitoring the discussions, teachers are there to provide personalized guidance and adjust the learning content and teaching methods flexibly. Students have the option to comment and like each other’s posts, fostering an interactive environment for all voices to be heard.



Step 4 – Review Grades

With ClassIn 5.0, teachers will better grasp learning progress, and students can benefit from timely feedback and support.


In the process of course-teaching implementation, both teachers and students have access to process-oriented learning data. Grades include learning activity grades and competency grades. Students’ total scores will be calculated automatically, giving teachers a solid reference for evaluating student performance. Moreover, Grade data can be easily exported and shared.



We hope that ClassIn 5.0 will enable teachers to create more engaging, productive, and meaningful learning experiences, all the while helping students hone the skills necessary for success in the 21st century. With its new features, ClassIn 5.0 is set to revolutionize the way we learn and teach, paving the way for educational innovation to empower future generations and create a brighter future.