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Introducing TeacherIn: A Place to Discover, Manage, and Use Curriculum & Content
ClassIn Official
2023/11/15· 1 min read

Over the years, ClassIn has launched a number of features in response to feedback from our passionate, dedicated users – bringing more of the workflows associated with teaching and learning into ClassIn’s platform. This week, ClassIn is launching its newest feature, TeacherIn. TeacherIn brings together the ability to discover, manage, edit, share, and instruct from curriculum and content.  The team is really excited to open up TeacherIn to its global audience.  We sat down with ClassIn’s COO Sara Gu to chat about this launch. 


Why did you decide to develop TeacherIn? 


ClassIn’s platform manages so many elements of the teaching and learning process – from course planning to lesson planning all the way to the delivery of engaging instruction and measuring student performance. It only made sense to go “further upstream” in the process and add a platform for curriculum discovery and management.  

Over the last several years, both educators and content providers have noted the importance of digital curriculum – citing flexibility, the ability to personalize instruction, and better ability for administrators to measure curriculum usage as main drivers of moving from traditional to digital curriculum.  The team noted that this was a hole in the market: educators currently don’t have a platform to effectively discover and manage their digital curriculum – tracking versions, collaborating on edits, knowing when last updates were made – these seemingly simple functions couldn’t be completed in any of the many tools and platforms educators currently have access to. 

The solution became obvious: ClassIn developed TeacherIn to give educators a comprehensive platform to manage their digital curriculum that also integrates with the rest of ClassIn’s comprehensive suite of capabilities. 


What problems does TeacherIn solve for educators? 


TeacherIn solves a number of problems for today’s educators: 

  • Provides a consolidated curriculum & content discovery platform, making it easy for teachers and curriculum coordinators to find and access needed resources
  • Allows for easy course creation; TeacherIn’s “builder” mode makes it easy to create courses that can be shared and modified 
  • Makes managing digital curriculum seamless; TeacherIn provides curriculum management that is cloud-based, collaborative, and easy for educators 
  • Creates a seamless link between curriculum and instruction with the “one click” integration between curriculum materials and ClassIn’s LMS 


How can publishers and other content creators work with TeacherIn?


Publishers can upload their content to TeacherIn for educators to discover and educators can purchase curriculum and content directly from the TeacherIn platform. TeacherIn manages licenses, prevents downloads, and helps monetize to a broader audience. You can schedule time to speak with the TeacherIn partnership team here. 

Individual educators who have developed materials can take advantage of TeacherIn’s builder functionality to upload and share resources they’ve developed and take advantage of TeacherIn’s monetization programs for educators. 


What are you most excited about for the launch of TeacherIn? 


I’m excited to launch TeacherIn for the same reason I get excited to launch any new feature – to give educators better tools. By bringing the ability to manage curriculum into ClassIn’s already existing workflows for planning and instructing, ClassIn becomes an even more seamless platform for educators and students.  In addition, we’re excited to work with new partners in the education space to bring their curriculum and content to a wider audience.  


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