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Gamification in Online Learning: Examples and Benefits
ClassIn Official
2023/04/24· 5 min read

What is gamification in learning and education?


Gamification is an extremely fancy word that has been used for a very long-time. But what does it actually mean and how it can lead to improved learning and effective education?

In this guide, we will explain the benefits of gamification in education and how to increase students’ concentration and knowledge through ClassIn.



Gamification is the use of game-based elements and fundamentals in non-gaming scenarios. It includes the usage of game elements to solve a particular problem. Game elements are not new but now they are widely used in non-gaming contexts such as digital marketing, websites and enterprise applications, etc.

Gamification in Education is also widely used. There are several reasons for the increased use of gamification especially in education. One of the main reasons is that it makes the tough and hard stuff full of fun and pleasure. Learners learn more when they have fun during the whole process.

One of the other big reasons to use gamification in education is that students and learners always learn better when they have goals, strategies, and targets to achieve and that is where ClassIn serves the purpose. It provides the pupil with a set goal to achieve in order to learn effectively. It assists you to gamify your online courses to give you a good start.


How to gamify your online course through ClassIn


ClassIn has presented a well-developed software that made educational tasks very easy to manage. For instance, designing interactive classroom sessions, homework and school management, lesson plans, etc. So let’s get started.

Giving badges instead of points


It is important to reward the students by providing badges based on the quality of their performance. Here you can reward your students with the badges for successful and timely accomplishment of individual modules, assignments, and courses. It has three distinct features:

  • Rewarding every student individually
  • Rewarding all students on-stage
  • Rewarding students on the roster



We also provide an updated award list for the teacher to examine the badges and progress reports of every individual student. In the award list, the student trophy ranking and the number of trophies of all the students are shared.

We also have several blog posts and YouTube videos that can help in designing an engaging and on-point online class. Though these materials, we have added all the required strategies that can assist you to engage your students during online sessions.


Asking timed quiz-type questions


Quick quizzes are helpful to check the progress level of your students. Mostly, these quizzes are timed. The purpose of these timed quizzes is to train the students to maintain their deadlines. We also provide small blackboards to the teachers who have more than 35 students in the classroom.



Creating playful tasks


There are a large number of playful tasks available in our portal. For instance, there is an activity of ‘dice’. ESL teachers love using dice to create games. These playful tasks have a great impact on the learning of students. Students with these playful tasks learn more as it has fun factors involved.



Reflecting on the personalized performance

Teachers have the facility to monitor the personalized performance of the students. There are learning reports available for each student. A wide variety of tasks and tests are provided to monitor the performance.

Create a community within your online course

Online education is the new normal. It is very important for the teachers and school administrations to create a healthy community within the online class. We provide various collaborations to address this issue. One of the most important features of our software is the availability of chat windows. In the chat window, students have the facility to initiate conversations in online sessions.

Benefits of gamification in online learning

There are several ways to inculcate gamification in online courses, as it has great impact on the intellectual growth of the learners. Some of the major benefits of gamification in online learning are:

Better learning experience: If the learner enjoys and have fun, they will definitely learn more. Gamification in education also enhances student engagement. A meaningful gamification approach with extraordinary levels of engagement will lead to a rise in recall and retention rates.

Better learning environment: Gamification in online learning creates a better learning environment. It assists the students to observe real-life issues and coming up with the required solutions. It gives students the room to face real challenges in a safe environment.

Availability of instant feedback: The biggest benefit of gamification in online learning is instant feedback. It allows the learners to know what they know and what they need to know. This too increases student engagement in the online courses with a greater degree of knowledge retention.

Prompting behavioral change: The reward system in gamification has also proven to be a great strategy in ensuring effective learning. Badges make the training more fun and motivating. In this way, gamification prompts positive behavioral change. It motivates the learners to behave in a certain way in order to get more badges as rewards.

Address learning needs: Gamification in online courses fulfill a large number of students’ learning needs. It develops a wide variety of skills among the students. For instance, problem-solving skills, soft skills, negotiation skills, improvisation, etc.


To succeed in instilling gamification in online learning it is important to develop a concept that:

  • Challenge the learners
  • Successfully captures learner’s attention
  •  Engage them through fun
  • Teaches them all the required knowledge



All these factors are available in ClassIn. We provide a well-structured monitoring system for the instructors to monitor learner’s performance levels. Successfully captures learners’ attention by providing them with playful tasks. Engage them with several rewards and badges to boost their motivation to deliver more.