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Empowering Talent: A Transformative Collaboration Between ClassIn and Mengniu Dairy Group
ClassIn Official
2023/12/28· 2 min read

In April, Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mengniu) secured approval for the industry’s first “National Highly Skilled Talent Training Center,” emphasizing Mengniu’s dedication to talent development. Aligned with the national strategy for cultivating quality talent, Mengniu, a key player in the national dairy sector, strategically partnered with ClassIn to revolutionize talent development.


In June, a delegation from Mengniu visited ClassIn’s headquarters to initiate a collaboration. This partnership aims to construct a cutting-edge Smart Training Room tailored for global talent development. This innovative room serves as a hub for interconnected training, meetings, learning sessions, and skill assessments, contributing to the production of healthier, safer dairy products.



(Mongniu Delegation Visiting ClassIn Headquarter in Beijing)


To this end, ClassIn introduces a vibrant and interactive training atmosphere for Mengniu’s Talent Training Room. With effective built-in management tools like rosters and video carousel, ClassIn effortlessly engages up to a thousand participants in one hybrid training session. Moreover, the platform boasts a range of interactive tools to realize offline-like interactions, including hand-raising, poll, quizzes, randomizer, trophy distribution, and more.




(Mengniu Delegation Experiencing ClassIn’s Integrated Software&Hardware)


Building on its innovative software, ClassIn extends its impact to hardware, delivering a seamless integration that redefines the training experience at Mengniu’s Talent Training Center. At the core of this transformation is a 110-inch panoramic “blackboard” that unifies the trainer, training room, online participants, and course materials into a one-stop view. Complementing this, automatic tracking cameras can capture every facet of the training process, ensuring crystal-clear visibility and the visualization of knowledge, skills, information, thoughts, and emotions. The 360° AI sound pickup and amplification ceiling microphone enhances the auditory experience, creating an environment conducive to relaxed and effective communication. This tailored integration underscores ClassIn’s comprehensive capability to meet corporate training needs.



(Back View of ClassIn Solution for Mengniu Smart Training Room)


Equipped with ClassIn software&hardwares, the Smart Training Room facilitates a spectrum of training modalities, including multimedia instruction, hybrid online and offline training, smart learning experiences, computer-based sessions, virtual practical exercises, cloud-driven post-training services, collaborative lecture planning, and integrated research and development. This holistic approach is meticulously crafted to construct learner-centric environments that cater to the diverse needs of corporate training. The versatility of this solution is underscored by its support for various training models, ensuring adaptability to the ever-evolving landscape of corporate learning.


Front View of ClassIn Solution for Mengniu Smart Training Room


(Front View of ClassIn Solution for Mengniu Smart Training Room)


Beyond the technological marvels, the classroom’s interior design seamlessly incorporates Mengniu’s distinctive brand features. The result is a space where modernity converges with the essence of one of the industry’s leading names. These ClassIn-powered smart training room not only delivers a superior training experience but also stand as a testament to Mengniu’s unwavering commitment to excellence.



(Flexible Layout and State-of-art Hardwares in Mengniu Smart Training Room)


ClassIn’s role transcends being a mere technology provider; it is a curator of an immersive learning environment that mirrors Mengniu’s forward-thinking approach. This synergy of technology and brand aesthetics represents a leap forward in creating an unparalleled educational experience, reflecting the innovative spirit of both ClassIn and Mengniu Dairy Group.


This collaboration marks a significant stride toward realizing Mengniu’s vision for a “National Highly Skilled Talent Training Base.” ClassIn’s advanced technologies are instrumental in creating a dynamic and intelligent training environment, setting the stage for a future where skills, innovation, and excellence converge.


Join us on this transformative journey as ClassIn and Mengniu redefine talent development, heralding a new era for the dairy industry.