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ClassIn Teacher Manual: An Ultimate Guide to ClassIn
ClassIn Official
2022/05/16· 8 min read

With ClassIn, teachers can create courses, add lessons, upload learning resources, give lessons using teaching tools, assign homework, and more!


Step 1. Download ClassIn


PC Users



1. Visit

2. Click “Download” on the header

3. Download the correct version for your operating system

4. Click “save”


* System Requirements Recommendations: PC

Mobile Users

Android:                                                                       iOS:

1. Go to App Store and search for ClassIn            1. Go to Google Play and search for ClassIn

2. Click “Get”                                                               2. Click “Install”

* System Requirements Recommendations: Mobile Devices
Step 2. Registration & Sign In

1. Open downloaded ClassIn software and click “Sign Up”

2. Follow the instructions to register with your phone number

3. Enter your phone number and password to sign in

4. Don’t forget to set a nickname and a profile picture!


Tips: Password Reset

You can reset your password if you forget it.

1. Click on Forgot Password

2. Enter your registered phone number and click “Get Code”

3. Enter the verification code you receive

4. Reset your ClassIn password and click Next.


Step 3. Basic Settings



You can change your profile settings by clicking on your profile picture at the top left of the corner. Here you can change personal info and password.


Add / Decline Friends Requests



1. Click on the Contact, then you can check the list of your students.

2. Click on the “+” tab on the top, and then click on “Add Contacts”.

3. Enter their registered mobile number and click on the Search tab.


How to accept or decline friend requests



1. When someone adds you, red numbers show up on the Contact tab.

2. Click on the “Contact” tab and then the New Friends tab, then you will see the friend requests.

3. You can click on either the “Accept” or “Decline” tab.


Create a Course

1. To create a course, click on “Create Class”.

2. Check the school account name and fill in the class name, and click “Create Class”.


Enroll students / teachers to the course
Enroll Student
Click on the Window icon at the top right of the corner, and then the class tab will expand to the right. Then, click on the “+” icon in the Class Members section. You can enroll students by selecting students from your contact list, if you have already added them to your contact.
Alternatively, you can also share the course invitation link or QR code to students so that they can join the classroom through the link or QR code.
Set Teachers
When you add ‘class members’, they will be set as students by default. However, you can change a member to Teacher, by right-clicking and choosing “Set as teacher”.
Add Lessons

Click on the Course tab on the top, and then click on the “+” tab in the Course section to add lessons. Configure the lesson settings and then click on “Create” to add a lesson.


Step 4. Lesson Preparation
Upload learning resources

You can save learning resources in My Drive and open them at anytime you need in classroom. To manage files in your My Drive, click on the Drive on your left and then click on the My Drive in the Drive section. Then, you will see the Upload, Create, Copy, Move and Delete tab on the bottom. When uploading files to your My Drive, make sure the file size is less than 500MB.


Prepare Lessons
Lesson Preparation Room

After adding a lesson, you can check “Prepare” tab in the Course tab in the Class section. The Prepare button will be available until 20 minutes before the lesson starts.

You can load images and writings onto the blackboard beforehand to prepare your lesson. When finishing with editing a board file, make sure to save it into your Cloud Drive before you leave the preparation room.


Blackboard Editor

You can load images and writings onto the blackboard beforehand. After finishing with editing, make sure to save the file into your Cloud Drive. You can save the board files by clicking on “Save/Share Board Files” tab in the teaching tool box. Once you save into your Cloud Drive, you can open the files at any time you need.


Create EDBs
You can create your own special teaching content on ClassIn. You can have fun teaching activities using EDB files, such as worksheet activities, drag and drop activities, board games, etc.
Step 5. Lesson
Lesson Preparation
The “Enter” tab will show up 20 minutes before the lesson starts. You can click “enter” tab to enter into the classroom. Check your audio and video settings and preferences, and then click “Enter”.

You can change camera, microphone and volume settings by clicking on the Setting icon at the top right of the corner.


Recording Settings


1) Cloud Recording



You can choose to record the lesson when adding lessons. If the lesson is set as to be recorded, you will see a pop-up when you enter the classroom.

You can click the “Start Now” tab when you’re ready to record, or you can leave it until the waiting time runs out.


2) Local Recording



You can also save lesson recordings to your local drive.


Teaching Tools


Toolbars underneath the cameras



Teachers can easily manage the class and students by using the toolbars underneath the teacher and students’ cameras.


※ Tips!

– Onstage: When students are on stage, you can see their video displays and speak with them. Everyone else in the classroom will be able to hear and see you speaking.

– Downstage: Students who are downstage can still communicate via text and participate in class activities. If you want to bring students who are downstage up onto the camera area, you can manage it on the Roster, or ask students to raise their hands.

Authorization: Once you ‘authorize’ students, they will have access to a range of interactive tools, including annotation tools, the ClassIn cloud drive, and more!


Teaching Tools


1) Annotation tool



2) Screenshot, Delete and Laser Pointer



3) Chat & Class Notes



4) Cloud Drive


Authorized Resources: This is where your school account can share school materials with their teachers and students. You can view the files in here, but cannot download, edit or delete them.

My Drive: This is where you can upload your files. Once you have uploaded files into My Drive, you can open them at any time you need.

Library: This is where you can get access to some useful resources for using ClassIn.


5) Teaching Toolbox



In the Teaching tool box, you can use a lot of interactive teaching tools, such as Selector, Slot Machine, Breakout Rooms, and more!


7) Mobile Device Users


8) Tablet PC Users

Step 6. After Lesson




After you leave the classroom, the evaluation tab will show up on your screen. You can proceed to evaluate students’ performances with comments on this tab.

Watch Playback & Teaching Report


Teachers can check Playback and Teaching Report in the Calendar tab. Also, teachers can edit their evaluation form.

Homework & Test


You can assign homework or test to your students in the Task tab and the Test tab in the Course section.


*ClassIn is a leading edtech company that provides a one-stop solution for digital learning.


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