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ClassIn Headlines Philippine Education Conferences with Its Learning Ecosystem
ClassIn Official
2023/06/09· 6 min read

For those who attended major education conventions in the Philippines this September, it was hard to miss a technological force sweeping the sector–ClassIn’s learning ecosystem of online and hybrid solutions.


At the National Alliance of Private Schools Philippines (NAPSPHIL) Conference, the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU) General Assembly, and the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), our talented local team presented ClassIn’s very own Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) learning ecosystem, a hybrid solution to seamlessly integrate spaces for an authentic learning experience.


Kerwin Presiados, BD Manager of the Philippines, presenting at the Manila International Book Fair


Kerwin Presiados, BD Manager of the Philippines, presenting at the Manila International Book Fair

“At the Manila International Book Fair, with the help of our distribution partner, we showcased our online and hybrid solutions,” Kerwin Presiados, ClassIn’s business development manager of the Philippines, said. “Several private and government schools were amazed by the solution, especially how interactive ClassIn is.”


Established over four decades ago, the MIBF is the biggest and longest-running book fair in the country, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors from publishing and academia.


ClassIn as the Silver Partner at the PACU General Assembly


ClassIn as the Silver Partner at the PACU General Assembly

At the NAPSPHIL Conference and PACU General Assembly, ClassIn’s booth told a story of transforming the learning journey at all levels and in every context. While the company is best known for the professional online classroom, its products are expanding to support boundless hybrid education and lifelong learning.


Attendees, many of whom are experienced educators, were impressed with ClassIn’s practical affordances to advance everyday teaching. Presiados recalled that in addition to more than 20 professional teaching tools, participants enjoyed the interactive activities and the reward system for tracking student performance.


The Department of Education of the Philippines required that by early November, all public and private schools need to transition to full in-person classes. However, the return to normal doesn’t mean learning without technologies.


“Adopting technology in education is not just an alternative, it’s part of innovation…I hope they let the schools decide and prove what they are capable of, so parents can choose what’s best for their children,” Presiados stated in regards to the policy.


Attendees browsing ClassIn's booth at the PACU General Assembly


Attendees browsing ClassIn’s booth at the PACU General Assembly

“It’s good to see that we are slowly going back on track, and we need more of these events. We as providers should work together in helping the schools find out the best technology available in the market because, at the end of the day, we just want to give the best for our learners,” Presiados reflected.