Add Virtual Classroom Functions to Your Software

Full-featured libraries provided to enable simple integration of ClassIn SDK within mobile or desktop apps.

Why SDK?

Boost your brand awareness, Seamless in-app transition to classrooms, No need to install the ClassIn app , An all-inclusive classroom solution

Low Latency Video Conferencing

  • Ultra-low latency less than 300ms for a perfect interactive experience
  • Flexible camera: adjust the size and position at any time while maintaining clarity

Fully Synchronized Collaborative Whiteboard

  • Perfect multi-party collaboration and instant synchronization between teachers and students
  • Rich options of brushes, text colors and editing functions

Versatile Tools for Interaction & Management

  • Hand-Raising, Virtual Rewards, Mute Buttons, On/Offstage Students
  • Small Blackboard, Slot Machine, Screensharing

Cloud Storage

  • Massive storage space
  • 24/7 access to upload/manage resources

Livestream & Playback

  • MOOC, livestreaming
  • Live Chat, playback

ClassIn Support for Development

Provide a complete testing and developing environment for debugging
Supplementary SDK and developers' doc for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android
Technical support for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/API dev
Detailed log for every API call
Provide online production environment for testing and connectivity support

SDK Aftersales Support

Worldwide operation monitoring and assurance service 24/7
Stability of log-in and video-conferencing
Classroom live interaction
Cloud Storage CDN management for
uploads and downloads
API port response
Powerful customer support 14/7
Instant responses to all classroom issues
Professional tech support 12/7
Troubleshoot tech issues related to SDK usage
Comprehensive and detailed developer docs
Complete three-terminal sample code
Technical support service account