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Teacher Features
Bring the spirit of offline classes online
Teacher Features
Bring the spirit of offline classes online
Focus on what’s important: teaching
You want the very best for your teachers. In our classroom, you can give them just that!
Two-way interactive whiteboard
A variety of teaching tools
Support for multiple courseware formats
Real-time audio and video sharing
Foster teacher participation and encourage active learning
Interaction is at the heart of education. We provide you and your teachers with multiple means of interacting with content and each other.
Breakout Rooms
Private blackboards
Homework System
Polling tool
Build your classroom community
We provide you with the necessary tools to make sure teachers feel safe and secure, so they are free to do the work of learning.
Virtual hand-raising
Flexible seating
Measure what matters
With 44 difference metrics and the ability to record classes, it’s easy to monitor teachers’ engagement and performance.
Class recording library
Attendance data
Classroom activity data
Test and homework data
Feature highlights
Interactive Blackboards
Breakout Rooms
Tracking System
Homework System
Class Recordings
Cloud Storage
“ClassIn is user-friendly and incorporates many tools necessary for teaching and learning,making the class more engaging and enjoyable for the students.”
Tu Ngo
Co-Founder, Chairwoman, YOLA Education Group, Vietnam
“By partnering with ClassIn,Owl Kids Academy can provide exciting, interactive, and affordable classes to young learners in Poland.”
Founder, Owl Kids Academy, Poland
“ClassIn is powerful for online learning, simple but with so many user friendly functions. Students remain engaged in their learning and connected with their teachers.”
Aaron Lennon
Principal, Yew Wah International Education School, China
“The majority of the teachers found ClassIn to be the most effective at recreating the classroom experience and enhancing interaction between teachers and students.”
Dr. Wang
Assistant Professor, Finance, Peking University
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