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At ClassIn, we believe we can accomplish much more by working together.We seek to collaborate with partners who share our vision and provide educational institutions with comprehensive, dependable, and successful solutions.
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Strong Value Proposition
We provide innovative solutions that revolutionize the way the world learns. We work to cultivate lasting connections and make sure our collaborative endeavours are successful.
Learning Comes First
We are a highly proficient group consisting of more than 500 personnel who are knowledgeable in various subjects, such as instructional designers, educators and pedagogical experts.
Modern and Innovative
We empower you to provide a comprehensive, adaptable, and user-friendly learning setting that is straightforward to deploy and combine with other systems.
Channel Partners
ClassIn’s channel partners are established industry leaders regionally and internationally. Our business development team engages in in-depth discussions with the partner to understand their business needs and determine the best collaboration model. ClassIn is keen on partnering with publishers, telecommunication companies, EdTech solutions, and hardware providers among other entities. Fill out the form below to get in touch with us!
Integration Partners
ClassIn collaborates with EdTech solutions and software providers through LTI, SDK, or API integration, offering educational institutions a greater variety of options to meet their EdTech requirements.
ClassIn Integrations
Affiliate Partners
Grow into a global citizen through cross-cultural projects. Collaborate with a team marked by its entrepreneurial spirit and united by its shared passion for knowledge production.
Meet Our Partners
C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions (C&E ALS) expresses gratitude for having ClassIn as a partner in our mission to deliver excellent education to Filipino learners. The innovative approach of ClassIn, which utilizes engaging and effective learning tools, has brought classrooms to life
John Emyl Eugenio
Officer of C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions
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