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What we build empowers teachers to do masterful work in and out of class, and help learners access the best learning experience imaginable. Join us to lay the foundation for hybrid learning, as it becomes the defining theme for education worldwide.
Who are we?
ClassIn is a world-leading classroom solutions provider, enabling a future where hybrid learning can happen anywhere, anytime. Our vision of globally connected learning enablement made us a Series D unicorn, with raise to date exceeds 500 million USD
The ClassIn team share a deep commitment to bettering learner outcomes through effective engagement (ClassIn), flexible resource planning (TeacherIn), and intelligent classroom design (ClassIn X). Beloved across 160+ countries, our solution helps 50 million educators and students grow and thrive.
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Be mission-driven
At ClassIn, we hold a core belief that good education changes lives. Our technological solutions make good education more accessible, scalable, and personal than ever before
Stay Innovative
Accelerate your career in an industry-defining EdTech startup, where breakthroughs happen and growth opportunities remain abundant
Become exceptional
Grow into a global citizen through cross-cultural projects. Collaborate with a team marked by its entrepreneurial spirit—and united by its shared passion for knowledge
“I've been a part of ClassIn for the past 6 months, and my first impression of the company's vision - to ‘Empower Education Online’ - is incredibly meaningful to me. It is a wonderful way to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas, ensuring that children from all backgrounds have access to the same quality of learning experience. No matter where you are, ClassIn provides a full range of features to ensure that everyone can learn effectively. Moreover, I am extremely confident in proposing new ideas at ClassIn, due to the support I receive from everyone here. I would like to extend my gratitude to ClassIn for creating such a great working environment. ”
Vietnam Country Manager
At ClassIn, I'm responsible for organizing all of our marketing events and managing our user communities. It's been a pleasure interacting with teachers from all over the globe through my work. Here at ClassIn, we have the opportunity to explore innovative approaches to our roles and to strive for improved results.
Khaled Ahmed
Global Marketing Manager
“Our Global team is a creative and dynamic group. You can feel the fusion of different cultures from around the world in the workplace and it is a profound reminder that the world is big and the work is exciting and meaningful.”
HR Manager